The Genital Female intimate Rejuvenation Surgery (Ninfoplasty) consist of Surgical procedure for aesthetic improvement of Genital Female area.

What operations are included in the intimate female genital surgery?

The most common operation is the labial reduction (Labiaplasty), consisting of a variety of surgical procedures that decrease the exaggerated size of the external major and minor vaginal labia. (hypertrophy of vagina´s labia).

Other surgical procedures are the vaginal narrowing with vaginal toning, (vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty) and perineoplasty. Also there is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen, surgical procedure that uses a flap of vaginal lining to reconstruct a broken hymen (hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty)

These surgical procedures can be made separately (most common) or in combined form.

Possible Complications

Among  the complications that can occur in a very small number of patients, are the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Dehiscence of the surgical incisions
  • Anomalous  healing

However, with proper care and control, evolution tends to be very satisfactory.


The recovery is fast and painless, with satisfactory result. The patients can make their normal lives after the first week.

The sexual rest is typically about 15 days, but must wait 8 weeks for exposure to the Sun, heat, go to beaches or physical exercises.

Without complications, the final result is excellent, permanent and very rewarding.

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