The purpose of this operation is the surgical correction of the aesthetics deformities in the facial region produced by age, weather and other agents.

The Rhytidosis is a skin sagging (laxity) associated with the fall of deep soft tissues of the face and neck, and its objective is the restitution of the skin tone and surgical lifting of the tissues fallen, removing the excess of the skin, both in the face and the neck.

How the Facial Lifting is performed

The surgery is done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, making anatomical restitution of sagging tissues (muscles, skin, subcutaneous tissues and the SMAS).

Also makes the correction of wrinkles and expression lines as well as positional and gravitational lines in the affected skin, also correcting orthostatic and dynamic folds, and excess fat tissue (subcutaneous lipomas).

The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis and usually takes no more of 5 hours on average (both face and neck), depending on the complexity of the case.

At the end of the surgery, is placed an occlusive cure with non adherent materials on the incisions, left an aspiration drainage device (Portovac) and placed a elastopresotherapy strip that applied sustained pressure on the operated areas.

The aspiration device will be removed at my office in a painless way to 5 days and the strip is removed commonly 8 days after the surgical intervention, depending on the degree of the facial and cervical edema (dropsy).

The patient will need lymph drainage massage for 15 days after the operation on average.

Possible complications

Among the complications described are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Severe edema
  • Bruises on the face and neck

But, with the proper care, the postoperative evolution tends to be very satisfactory.

The recovery

The recovery is fast and painless, with very satisfactory results.

The patient can make his/her normal live after the first 10 days on average, but the patient should wait 8 weeks for exposure to the sun, heat, go to the beach or physical exercises.

Without complications, the end result is permanent and rewarding.

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