The Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is a Surgical technique to rejuvenate the eyelids, to achieve a luminous and natural look.

Under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, the excess of eyelid skin are removed, as well as the herniation or protrusion of the fat bags located around the eyeballs producing bloated swollen and tired eyes appearance.

Also can be treated the thickening or local hypertrophy of the orbicularis muscle if it´s required.

The incisions in the skin are undetectable, this technique is known as Transcutaneous technique and it´s indicated when there is excess of skin on the eyelids (Blepharochalasis).

When only is required to remove protruding fat bags in the lower eyelids, the Transconjunctival way is used, but there should be no excess skin on the eyelids.

It may be indicated for patients whose orbicular muscle tonus is so weak that traditional Transcutaneous technique may be followed by an ectropion or sclera show, which may be accentuated by gravitational pull.

Possible Complications

Among the complications that can occur in a very small number of patients, are the following:

  • Skin ecchymoses and excessive swelling on lids
  • Retrobulbar hematoma (fortunately rare), you can see periorbital induration and proptosis
  • Round eye by excessive removal of skin from lids
  • Schleral show by excessive removal of skin from the upper lid
  • Ectropion by excessive skin retraction of skin or excessive laxity of orbicular muscle tonus from lower lid
  • Enophthalmos results from excessive removal of periorbital fat
  • Postoperative upper lid Ptosis (is usually temporary, due to edema, local hematoma or dehiscence of aponeurosis)
  • Lagophthalmos (excessive removal of skin from upper lid may like impossible for the patient to close the eye)
  • Dry eye Syndrome by decreased tears production with irritation and possibly ulceration of the cornea
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anomalous  healing

However, with proper care and control, evolution tends to be very satisfactory.


The recovery is fast and painless, with satisfactory result. The pain or discomfort is mild and easily manageable with common painkillers. The mild edema responds to anti-inflammatory and therapy.

Removal stitches is usually made on the fifth day of the post operative period in the Plastic Surgeon´s office.

The patients can make their normal lives after the first week, but must wait 8 weeks for exposure to the Sun, heat, go to beaches or physical exercises.

Without complications, the final result is excellent, permanent and very rewarding.

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