It consist of Surgical increase the size (volume) and projection (size) of the Buttocks through the use of implants or prosthesis, specially designed for that purpose.

The gluteal prosthesis have been developed for more than 20 years, obtaining a wide margin of clinic safety.

The main indication for operation is the lack of buttocks volume (Gluteal Hypotrophy).

How the Augmentation Gluteoplasty is performed

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a certified Operating Room, under rigorous standards of asepsis and antisepsis, in a Plastic Surgery Ambulatory Unit properly authorized, and endowed  with all the equipment and trained personnel to ensure the success of surgery as well as the complete and absolute safety of the patient.

The external approach is made with an incision at intergluteal cleft.

The Gluteal prosthesis can be placed:

  • Behind Gluteal Skin (subcutaneous location according González-Ulloa technique)
  • Behind Gluteal Fascia (sub-fascial location according Abel de la Peña technique)
  • Into the muscle (Into the Gluteus Maximus muscle thickness according Rafael Vergara technique)=> this is the most recommended  technique (Intramuscular)
  • Behind the  Gluteus Maximus muscle according Robles technique (Submuscular)

The Gluteal prosthesis can have smooth outer shell, textured shell or microtextured shell, can be inflatable or silicone gel fill (most recommended is high cohesive silicon gel fill and anatomical form-stable), also can be low, moderate or high profile (most recommended is high profile for the best aesthetic result).

Possible Complications

Among the complications that can occur in a very small number of patients, are the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Dehiscence of the surgical incisions
  • Prosthesis Dislocation (ectopic location)
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Muscle contracture
  • Prosthesis Extrusion (total or partial exposure of the prosthesis through surgical incision)
  • Prosthesis rejection

However, with proper care and control, evolution tends to be very satisfactory.

If your buttocks are sagging (Gluteal Ptosis), a corrective Gluteal lift must be done (Gluteopexy) in the same surgical procedure.


The recovery is fast, with very satisfactory final outcome. The pain or discomfort is mild and easily manageable with common painkillers.

The patient must sleep face-down for 21 days, use an elastopresotherapy strip and practice for that same period of time, lymphatic drainage massages.

The patients must wait 8 weeks for exposure to the Sun, heat, go to beaches or physical exercises. The patient cannot receive injections in the buttocks again.

Without complications, the final result is excellent, permanent and very rewarding.

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