Cosmetic Surgery in Venezuela

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic Surgery in Venezuela

Having a cosmetic surgery in Venezuela is an excellent option in terms of quality and price.

Prices for surgeries, transport and accommodation are among the lowest in Latin America. However, surgeons, medical doctors, and the rest of the staff have extensive experience and high standards of professionalism.

For many years Dr. Antonio Hallado has been receiving patients from other countries. So, he has created, together with his team, a system to receive patients coming from other countries to have cosmetic surgery in Venezuela.

Getting to Venezuela

To arrive to Valencia, where Dr. Antonio Hallado’s Office is located, you can use 2 airports: The Simón Bolívar or Maiquetía Airport, which is near Caracas or Arturo Michelena, which is in the same city of Valencia.

From the airport of Maiquetía to the accommodation or Dr. Hallado’s office in Valencia can be a trip of about 3 hours by car, on average.

From Valencia airport to the accommodation or Dr. Hallado’s office in Valencia, it can be a 30-minute drive by car, on average.

Patients coming from abroad must arrive at least 72 hours (3 days) before the surgery.


Transportation is a fundamental issue for the comfort and safety of patients. That is why Mr. Manuel Muñoz is the person designated to pick up patients at the airport (Caracas or Valencia), take them to the accommodation, the office, etc.

Mr. Muñoz also transports the patients to the operating room and moves them back to the accommodation. It is responsible, in addition to buying the medicines, and support the patient in any need they have.

He is a very respectful and resourceful person who has been working with Dr. Hallado for several years.

Dr Antonio Hallado - Transportation


Although there are many hotels in Valencia, Venezuela, most patients have opted to stay in a few that are near of the office and the operating room. They have good services, security, and a fair price.

Neither Dr Hallado nor his staff personally manages accommodation for patients, but patients themselves must choose their options. But to make the process easier, here is information about 4 hotels that have been useful for a good number of patients.

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela - Hotel Guaparo Suites

Hotel Guaparo Suites

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela - Hotel Guaparo Inn

Hotel Guaparo Inn

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela - Hotel Dinastia

Hotel Dinastía

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela - Hotel Ucaima

Hotel Ucaima

Operating Room

This is a photo of the operating room of the IPLASMED Surgical Unit, where Dr. Antonio Hallado perform his surgeries.

The medical and health personnel who join him, have been with him for many years.

Dr Antonio Hallado - Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela - Operating room

You can get several aesthetic operations on one same occasion, as long as it is verified by Dr. Antonio Hallado in the preoperative evaluation performed in the office when the patient arrives, that the physical conditions allow and that the surgeries are compatible with the postoperative recovery.

After the surgery

The patient should stay in Venezuela for a few days to evaluate it during the post-operative period.

The time of the stay depends on the complexity of the operation or if several procedures are performed. In general terms you should stay a minimum of 15 days.

Once operated (or) the patient should remain at rest and avoid physical exertion, sun or heat, etc. to minimize the possibility of complications.

Some questions you might have

If I am living abroad of Venezuela, what day is the best to get surgery?

Dr. Hallado performs surgeries every day, but for international patients the best days are Thursday and Friday.

The operations are ambulatory, but the clinic has facilities for hospitalization in case the patient requires it or wants it.

Can I take with me my own preoperative tests?

Yes, but sometimes the results are not expressed in English or Spanish, and in those cases the anesthesiology service does not accept them and orders the exams, cardiovascular evaluation, chest X-ray and any other tests required in the local laboratory in Venezuela.

Can I spend some leisure time in my stay in Venezuela?

Given that international patients come with very limited time and must rest post-operative, recreational activities (movies, restaurants, beach, etc.) should be limited to the pre-operative period and can be coordinated directly with Mr. Manuel Muñoz (Transportation).

Who can exchange my money?

Depending on local conditions, US dollars can be received by the clinic, by Dr. Hallado, or exchanged by Bolívares with the assistance and guidance of Mr. Manuel Muñóz, to avoid scams and misunderstandings.

The patient must bring US dollars, since Euros or other currencies are not accepted.

Get in contact

We hope we have answered many questions you have, but we know you may have some left.

If this is the case, we invite you to contact us from here.